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New York Dream Home Theater

Read this case study to learn more about the New York Dream Home Theater project we did for Lon G!

Client Profile

Lon G is a lifelong home theater enthusiast who lives in New York state.

AVS Forum build thread is “My Dream Theater – Dream Team“.

New York Dream Home Theater Project Overview

Lon G approached Acoustic Frontiers in 2017 to assist in improving a theater installed in 2011. Initially he was in the mindset of tweaking, rather than redesigning, the theater and sought professional assistance to improve the acoustics.

As we worked together, it became clear to Lon that his existing room was a major barrier to audio/video performance. To realize his home theater ambitions he needed to do a major theater overhaul!

Thus, the “New York Dream Home Theater” project was born – incorporating a complete replacement of the speaker system and electronics together with an increase in room length coupled to state-of-the-art acoustics and aesthetics.

Acoustic Frontiers Home Theater Solutions

To support the New York Dream Home Theater project, we supplied the following home theater consulting services:

Home theater layout
Home theater layout

The 11.6.8 speaker system included the following:

  • JBL M2 left, center and right speakers driven by Mark Levinson 531H and 532H amplifiers
  • JBL SCL-4 ear level speakers driven by Theta Dreadnaught D amplifier
  • JBL 705i ceiling speakers driven by ATI 528NC amplifier
  • Seaton F18 subwoofers driven by SpeakerPower SP2-8000 amplifiers
  • JBL SDP-75 processor

The projection system included:

The acoustic treatment design included:

  • Acoustic Frontiers exclusive WAVE diffuser
  • Autex Quietspace polyester absorber
  • Arithmetic Design Diffuse High slats used in the custom screen wall slatted bass trap

Home theater acoustic treatment
Home theater acoustic treatment

The aesthetic design for the room included:

  • Cineak Strato Plus chairs
  • Custom bar with bar seating
  • Custom fabric panels by Rayva

Audio calibration was performed by Curt Hoyt.

The Results

New York Dream Home Theater - view to front
Front of home theater

New York Dream Home Theater - view to rear
Rear of home theater

In the Client’s words

“The Raw Audio/Video is off the charts fantastic, I could not imagine any improvement at all.” Lon G, NY.

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