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What’s New from Acoustic Frontiers 07/2020

What’s New from Acoustic Frontiers
This month we’re featuring a theater we designed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our client, A.R., is a life-long audio-video enthusiast, and is VERY passionate about bass, having won a number of car audio competitions! A.R. consulted with us on:
  • Sound isolation
  • Room layout
  • Sub number / placement optimization
  • Audio/video engineering
  • Lighting
We designed the space for a 7.1.4 layout with four subwoofers. The subwoofers used in this project are Deep Sea Sound Mariana 18S (18″ drivers) driven by a 12,000W, 240V amplifier. One of the unique features of this theater is that the rear subwoofers are built into the riser – they are aimed upwards and fire through custom metal grilles.
This project was a collaborative effort between Acoustic Frontiers, the homeowner, and the contractor. The final calibration was completed by us onsite over an intense two day period.
“LOVING the theater.  It just rocks!  The sound isolation works AWESOME.  Of course it sounds FANTASTIC!  The theater looks AWESOME!  We get SO many compliments when people see it for the first time.  It’s always WOW!  Now when I demo it to people I just watch their faces instead of the movie.  It’s far more entertaining watching their jaw drop. Totally LOVE our theater! A.R.
To read more about the build process, click here to visit our blog post.
Photo of final home theater
Photo of final home theater
Photo of final home theater

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