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Home Theater Design for an Australian Enthusiast

Client  Profile

Mr. D’Cunha is a home theater enthusiast from Australia.

Project Overview

The client was building a new home in 2014 and already had a good set of equipment, but wanted expert home theater design assistance to create the high performance home theater of his dreams.

Acoustic Frontiers Home Theater Design Solutions

We provided the following services:

The client provided the Seaton Submersive subs and Seaton Catalyst 12C LCR speakers, and sourced the acoustic treatment in Australia after extensive consultation with us to identify locally available materials that met the design goals.

Low frequency optimization results (sub number & placment)
Low frequency optimization results (sub number & placement)

Home theater design - acoustic treatment component
Side wall acoustic treatment design

Baffle wall isometric views
Baffle wall isometric views

The Results

Home theater

In the Client’s Words

(after finally adding the acoustic treatment approximately 3 years after we completed the home theater design, and 2 years after he started using it…often hard for clients to finish off their theaters once they move the equipment in and start using the space!)

“I put all the panels up last Friday and just did a Audyssey Pro calibration late last night…..I cranked the system up today…wow…The sound is absolutely amazing!…I knew it would get better but I didn’t think it would get this good!…

It’s almost as if a veil has been lifted off the speakers, the surround speakers actually make me feel enveloped…before I could always pin point where the sounds where coming from, now it feels like they come in between the speakers and from all different directions?…I’m guessing this has something to do with the diffusion?…It’s sounding absolutely brilliant!. I honestly couldn’t be happier. 

Everything is so crystal clear! In 2ch mode the imaging of the front L & R sound stage is so much better, it almost feels I can hear the person singing from behind the the two front speakers, its surreal!…even the wife complimented it saying how clear everything is!

LFE is sensational, I had a bit of problem with a slight bit of bloated bass before, but now I can run the subs hotter and the tightness remains….its unbelievably good! I’ve also noticed the mid bass has become more pronounced and sounding tighter than ever.

Thanks again for everything!…you did an awesome job with my room!. Thanks for being patient with me all this time and even answering my questions even after 3yrs…You’re an absolute legend!” Mr. D’Cunha, Australia.

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