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08.2020 Newsletter


What’s New from Acoustic Frontiers


For this month’s newsletter, we would like to feature a theater we had a hand in designing. Our client, Lon G., is a theater enthusiast and this is his third iteration of the space. Acoustic Frontiers assisted in the layout and acoustic treatment design of the space.
The remodel started with extending the room into the garden to increase the overall length of the room to allow for additional seating. The layout was also updated to 11.6.8 featuring JBL M2s, SCL-4’s, JBL 705i’s, and Seaton F18’s. The acoustic treatment consists of Autex Quietspace absorbers, Acoustic Frontiers WAVE diffusers, and a custom slatted front wall bass trap built from Arithmetic Diffuse High panels.
One of our favorite parts of this theater is the lighting. The light panels were provided by Rayva. The final calibration of the theater was done by Curt Hoyt.


View of home theater screen
Detailed view of theater lighting.

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