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Ten articles on subwoofers you probably haven’t read

Here are ten great articles on subwoofers that you may not have read. These articles cover a whole range of subjects, from the acoustic benefits of multiple subs to the use of equalization to improve your bass. Enjoy!

From Acoustic Frontiers:

From Audioholics:

From Blu-Ray forums:

From Serious Audio Blog:

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2 thoughts on “Ten articles on subwoofers you probably haven’t read”

  1. One aspect of the multiple-subwoofer topic that’s not widely known yet is a freeware called Multi-Sub Optimizer. It does automatic optimization of per-sub EQ, gain and delay for multiple subs so as to optimize the flatness of the combined responses of mains and multiple subs at multiple listening positions. As a side effect, this reduces the seat-to-seat response variation as well.

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