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Ever dreamed of your own home theater? Acoustic Frontiers will get you started on the right foot, with the right projector, the best screen, and the optimum layout.

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The Generic Approach To Projection System Design

Most folks choose a projector and screen by reading product reviews. Some speak to dealers. More sophisticated enthusiasts may do a few calculations such as using an online calculator to determine expected image brightness from projector and screen specifications. The typical results?

  • Projector and screen choices fail to consider different theater usages (sporting events, for example), resulting in poor images under high ambient light conditions
  • Images are dim even when the room is blacked out, because design calculations are based on overstated figures taken from projector and screen specification sheets
  • Intrusive projector fan noise
  • Black bars due to content and screen aspect ratio mismatches
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Professional Video Design Consulting

Acoustic Frontiers’ Video Design service helps you create a high performance projection system for your home theater. The first step in our process is to understand all the different ways you will use the theater. We consider each usage scenario, determining image brightness and contrast targets, then use industry best practices from CEDIA, ISF, THX, and SMPTE

to determine projector and screen specifications. Finally, we document your projector design, detailing mounting, cooling, and noise reduction elements.

Video Design Service Deliverables

Video Design Report containing detailed projection system specifications and 2D CAD drawings:

  • Image brightness and contrast targets for each usage scenario
  • Screen specification: size, aspect ratio, gain, material, and masking
  • Projector specification: imaging technology, lumens output, and throw ratio
  • Screen installation details: height and location, mounting detail, electrical and low voltage wiring, and control specifications
  • Projector installation details: horizontal and vertical location, mounting detail, electrical and low voltage wiring, battery back-up specifications, and control specifications

Proffesional Video Design Service Benefits

  • Perfect projector and screen for your theater, budget, and usage scenarios
  • Image fills screen with no barrel or pincushion distortion
  • Content fits exactly to screen with no black bars
  • Image brightness and contrast meet or exceed industry standards for all usage scenarios
  • Minimized noise from projection system
  • Projector lifespan ensured through proper cooling and battery backup

Case Studies and Articles

  • The six key things to think about when designing a front projection system

    We at Acoustic Frontiers love to use projection systems. They are really the only way to get wide enough viewing angles to properly replicate the immersive cinematic experience in your home. There are two main types of projection system: Front projection. This is the type of setup used in 99% of theaters and is where [...]

  • Video aspect ratios, screen masking and anamorphic lens systems

    This article reviews HTDV and film content aspect ratios and looks at ways to match content to display. These include manual and automated screen masking systems as well as anamorphic lenses and the ‘zoom’ method. Aspect ratio describes the relationship between the width and the height of an image. 70-80% of modern movies are filmed [...]

  • Home theater viewing angles, distances and sightlines

    Horizontal Viewing Angles The horizontal viewing angle is the angle subtended by a straight line from each side of the screen to the seating position. The main two standards in the commercial world are the SMPTE and THX specifications as summarized in the diagram below: New cinemas built to THX specifications have a minimum viewing [...]

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