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Roon ready DEQX wows Sterephile editor JA at RMAF!

The news

“Alan (Langford, of DEQX) let me A/B three options: the original passive speaker; the speaker with the digitally implemented crossover with DSP correction of the individual drive-unit aberrations; and the whole megillah, with digital crossover, DSP driver correction, and DSP room acoustic correction. The uncorrected passive speakers sounded okay. The digital-crossover version lost a slight hooty coloration, and the completely corrected version sounded as though it had an extra half-octave of bass extension and more width and depth to a better-defined soundstage. Color me impressed.


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 Our take

DEQX continues to develop it’s unique speaker / room correction processor / digital pre-amp swiss-army knife.

There really is no other product on the market like it at the moment. Sure, there are room correction products, like the miniDSP Dirac series, or the Trinnov ST2 / Amethyst, but they only do room correction. They don’t do speaker correction, or work as a pre-amp (with the exception of the >$10k Amethyst).

With a DEQX you truly are correcting the speaker, not the combined speaker / room response. The speaker is measured nearfield, semi-anechoically, and room interactions are excluded. Once you’ve applied speaker correction, you then perform room correction, by measuring the speaker / room at the listening position. It might seem like semantics, but this is truly the best thought out way to do speaker / room correction.

The 4th generation PreMate+ and HDP-5 processors build on the functional of the HDP-4 and PreMate with a touchscreen and ARM processor. The new processor opens the door for more sophisticated DSP and other new functionality, such as Roon.

Yes, you will be able to stream straight over your network via Roon to the 4th generation processors soon. You owe it to yourself to try Roon out…it’s a fantastic way to reconnect with your existing music collection and discover related music via TIDAL.

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