Recording Studio Mission

Acoustic Frontiers creates neutral, accurate environments for mixing and mastering rooms. Our specialities are acoustical design and set-up services for home and commercial clients.

The Acoustic Frontiers Service

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    Audio Design

    Determining the best combination of monitors, amplifiers, subwoofers, and room correction electronics for mixing and mastering.

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    Acoustic Design

    Specifying the number, type, and location of acoustic treatments to meet targets for sound decay and frequency response.

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    Low Frequency Optimization

    Fine-tuning low bass through monitor, seat, and subwoofer placement techniques.

  • Installation

    Providing and installing acoustic treatment and audio equipment such as monitors and room correction electronics.

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    Audio Set-Up

    Positioning the monitors for the best balance of imaging, soundstaging, and bass performance, integrating subwoofers, and setting up equalization.

Acoustically Optimized Recording Room Design

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Most rooms, even those that are well treated, have acoustical issues resulting in mixes which don’t translate to other environments. To create a neutral, accurate playback system requires in-depth optimization of the loudspeaker/room interface. Fundamentally, room design is about acoustics: choosing the right monitors for the job, placing them so they interact favorably with standing waves, and optimizing reflected sounds through acoustic treatment.

Recording Studio Acoustics—The Difference Between An Inadequate Room and An Accurate Monitoring Environment

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    Poor Speaker/Room Match

    Many professional facilities and home recording studios choose the wrong speakers for their needs. It’s critical to match the SPL capabilities, bass extension, and off-axis monitor response to both the Recording studio’s acoustics and the specific task. Recording sessions in the control room with musicians spread about will require different speaker functionality than a single engineer mixing nearfield. Similarly, a main monitor system capable of 110dB at 30Hz requires a room acoustically designed to deal with potential modal issues at that frequency.

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    Generic Acoustic Treatment Design

    Every room requires a different acoustic treatment scheme to combat room mode resonances and control reflections. Simple rules of thumb found online, such as placing absorbers at reflection points and bass traps in corners, will not create a neutral, accurate environment that enables you to make effective decisions about mixing, EQ, and reverb.

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    Monitors, Desks, and Seats Placed Where They Fit

    Bass is the hardest thing to get right in any room. That’s because all rooms have natural resonant frequencies that cause peaks and dips in the frequency response. Most people put monitors, desks, and seats where they fit, without considering room modes. Then they try to work around the resulting acoustical issues by using nearfield monitors or ‘automagic’ room correction systems.

  • Recording Studio Design with Acoustic Frontiers

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    The Right Monitors For The Job

    Acoustic Frontiers’ Audio Design service helps you choose the right speakers for the different ways you’ll use the room. Nearfield, midfield, and main monitors are all different, and it’s important to pick the right tool for the job. We acoustically optimize the mounting environment for the speaker and, through our Audio Set-up service, calibrate speaker controls so the response perfectly matches manufacturer specifications.

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    Acoustic Treatment Tailored To Your Room

    Acoustic Frontiers’ approach to Acoustic Treatment Design starts at the monitor and explicitly considers the effect of reflections and reverberation. We use ray tracing and speaker off-axis measurements to compare the amplitude and spectral relationship of direct and reflected sounds. The result is an acoustic treatment plan custom-designed to your monitors and your room.

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    Optimized Monitor, Desk, and Seat Placement

    The only certain way to eliminate the negative effect of modal resonances is to use scientific techniques. Acoustic Frontiers’ Low Frequency Optimization service determines the frequency, severity, and spatial distribution of room modes using high-resolution acoustic measurements and modeling. Then we solve the problems through monitor/desk/seat placement, bass trapping, subwoofers, and room correction.

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    Need help installing acoustic treatments? Acoustic Frontiers’ experienced team of installers safely and quickly hangs off-the-shelf absorbers and diffusers, as well as fabricating custom acoustic treatments such as bass traps.

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    Our offerings for recording studios focus on optimization of the speaker/room interface. We have highly accurate monitors, a variety of room acoustic treatments to cover every need, and the best room correction processors out there.

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    The gold standard in room acoustic treatment.

  • Vicoustic


    Finally, high-performance acoustical treatment that looks great!

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    High-value acoustic treatment from Canada.

  • deqx


    Flexible digital speaker correction, crossover, and room correction processors.

  • trinov


    State-of-the-art room correction processors.

  • Adam Professional Audio

    Adam Audio

    Accurate and neutral nearfield, midfield, and main monitors using air motion transformer technology.

Audio Set-Up

Set-up is the process of fine-tuning monitor, desk, and seat positions for the best balance of imaging, soundstaging, and bass performance. It’s also about integrating subs, if you have them, and calibrating room correction systems. We’ve developed a unique set-up process that fuses high-resolution acoustic measurements with critical listening to ensure that your monitoring system performs to its potential.

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Set-Up — The Acoustic Frontiers Difference

  • DIY Set-Up

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    Generic Set-Up Rules of Thumb

    For many people, set-up consists of short-lived and semi-random tweaking of monitor, desk, and seat placement. The more advanced may try a ‘set-up rule’ or some speaker placement guidelines found online. These pseudo-scientific routines can occasionally lead to modest results but rarely result in the most accurate and neutral sound.

  • Acoustic Frontiers Set-Up

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    Scientific Measurement-Based Set-Up

    Acoustic Frontiers’ rigorous Audio Set-up methodology unites traditional critical listening with state-of-the-art room acoustic measurements. We use professional-grade microphones and thousands of dollars of equipment to measure your system and calibrate it to our quantitative targets for frequency response and sound decay.

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