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Our showroom was conceived as a true high performance home theater. We applied our extensive home theater design and acoustics expertise to this room, and the result is a space that offers better sound and video quality than most commercial cinemas. The room is so well balanced that most visitors get lost in the demonstration clips nearly immediately, forgetting they are here to evaluate our expertise and equipment. We take this as the highest compliment, as it means the room is performing as intended.

We use a Procella Audio speaker system with four subwoofers for active room mode cancellation. Audio runs through a Datasat RS20i pre-processor with Dirac Live room correction. The projector is a Sony 4K model firing onto a Seymour Screen Excellence 4K acoustically transparent screen, producing an immersive 50 degree lateral viewing angle. The audio is calibrated to HAA Level II standards and the video to THX Level II. The room is fully acoustically treated, sound isolated, has its own heating/cooling system and runs off a dedicated electrical isolation transformer.

If you are thinking about adding a home theater to your home, or upgrading what you currently have to something better then come and check out our showroom. You’ll be glad you did!

Nyal, owner Acoustic Frontiers.


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Oppo’s Blu-Ray players are, for good reason, the industry benchmark.


BDP103The BDP103 is a reference class Blu-Ray player featuring Marvell QDEO video processing and a dual core processor for quick loading times. $499.


Datasat offer reference class home theater pre-processors and power amplifiers.


RS20iThe RS20i is a state-of-the-art home theater processor. It sounds amazing, incorporates Dirac Live (in our opinion the best full range room correction algorithm out there) and offers a flexible DSP engine capable of supporting up to 16 output channels. It’s built on a upgradeable platform that can be kept up to date as new audio and video technologies emerge. $18999.


Parasound offer a range of power amplifiers that partner perfectly with our favorite Procella Audio speakers.

  • Parasound_A31_211


    The A31 is a three channel amplifier that puts out 250W into 8 ohms. Halo amplifiers are fundamentally neutral but have the unmistakable warmth of high bias Class AB. We use them to drive our Procella P610 left / center / right speakers. $3295.

  • Parasound_A23_211


    You might think of the A23 as the baby Halo, but it puts out 125W into 8 ohms and delivers 45A of current! Aggressively priced at $995, we use two A23s to drive our Procella P6 surround speakers.

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Procella speakers are explicitly designed for the requirements of high performance home theater. They offer a near-perfect combination of SPL output capability, flat response, high resolution and directivity control packaged into shallow, sealed boxes.

  • Procella_P610_211


    Much of the mid-bass “impact” in a home theater soundtrack is embedded in the left/center/right channels. The P610 couples a P6 speaker (the same speaker we use for surround duties) to a 10″ woofer with a 150Hz crossover point. This creates tremendous headroom for dynamic transients and really brings the cinema experience home. $3399.

  • Procella_P6_211


    The P6, like all Procella speakers, couples a compression driver on a constant directivity horn with a high quality midwoofer and packages it all into a shallow sealed box. We use four P6s as surround speakers in our showroom for perfect timbre matching to the P610, resulting in a seamless surround experience. $1799.

  • Procella_P10_211


    Procella subwoofers have a unique shallow form factor. The P10s we have in our showroom are only 7″ deep yet are capable of 119dB of output at 50Hz! We use two of them in our 8″ deep baffle wall, balanced by two JL E112s at the rear of the room, for a total of four subs in a 12′ x 17′ space!


Sony offer a range of high brightness home theater projectors with superb color accuracy and great black levels.


VW600ESWe think the VPL-VW600ES is the best mid-price projector on the market. True native 4K resolution, zoom memories for 2.35 projection, high lumens output, great black levels, fantastic color accuracy. What’s not to like? $14999.


Seymour Screen Excellence specialize in acoustically transparent screens including fixed frame, curved, 2.35 and motorized retractable.


RM110HDOur showroom screen is a 110″ wide 16:9 aspect ratio motorized retractable featuring the Enlightor 4K material. This screen has velvet borders, near-invisible tensioning and a black velvet covered case. $4980.


Torus Power design and manufacture a range of torodial isolation transformers in Canada.


RM20BALThe RM20BAL features non-sacrificial series mode surge protection and provides 20A of continuous output current with 100A of dynamic headroom. Our whole showroom system is powered off this single isolation transformer and we wouldn’t have it any other way. $3395.

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