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Improving the Acoustics of a Two Channel Listening Room

Client Profile and Project Overview

We recently completed a project to improve the acoustics of a two channel listening room for a audiophile in MA, USA.

This music lover has a high-end music system that includes Rockport Avior speakers and a Constellation Centaur stereo power amplifier.

Rockport Avior
Rockport Avior speakers

Despite having nearly $100k invested in the two channel system, there were a number of subjective areas that required sonic improvement. In the client’s words:

“The room is a bit ‘lively’ in my opinion although I don’t find the highs to be overbearing. Bass was tighter and a better defined in the room I auditioned the speakers in.”

As the client did not have a room acoustic measurement system, we sent our easy-to-use kit, which does not require installation of measurement software on a computer.

Acoustic Frontiers Solutions

The project followed our standard process for two channel listening rooms that have already been built: Room Acoustic Analysis followed by Acoustic Treatment Design.

We used a combination of RPG and Vicoustic acoustic treatments including a 50/50 mix of DC2 diffusers and CinemaRound absorbers on the ceiling as well as two Modex Edge and two Modex Broadband bass traps. The Modex Edge is a multi-compartment Helmholtz absorber, and the Modex Broadband is a damped steel plate bass trap. Both offer state-of-the-art bass trapping performance for high performance music reproduction spaces.

Here’s our acoustic treatment concept for the room:

Two channel acoustic treatment concept

The Results

Two channel listening room acoustics Two channel listening room acoustics

In the Client’s Words

“Sound in my two channel listening room is much improved since implementing your corrections, it’s an amazing thing and gives me great pleasure on a day like today when its zero degrees outside!”

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