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Room acoustics are a critical factor in the what you hear. Most dealers operate in rooms that have never been acoustically measured and have significant bass issues. When you listen to a new component in such a space what are you really hearing? The room or the equipment? If you don’t have a reference for what the equipment sounds like in a neutral environment (and who really does?) then you really can’t tell the difference between the room and the equipment.

We wanted our showroom to be an acoustically neutral space in which differences between individual components could easily be heard. Luckily we have a significant advantage compared to most other dealers – we are experts in acoustics. Many clients hire us as consultants because of our knowledge of room acoustic analysis, acoustic treatment design and system setup. We naturally applied that knowledge to our own demonstration space.

Our showroom is sound isolated, which enables you to truly hear what an amplifier or speaker is capable of in terms of resolution and micro dynamics. Extensive bass trapping together with careful application of reflection control through absorption and diffusion lets you hear the equipment, not the room. Simply put, it’s one of the best rooms we’ve ever listened to music in. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard bass as good as it sounds in our showroom, and I’ve been in A LOT of rooms.

Come check it out, you’ll be glad you did!

Nyal, owner Acoustic Frontiers.


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Aurender’s music servers are single purpose computers, designed to store, stream and playback file based music to the highest audio standards.

N100HThe N100H is Aurender’s lowest cost music server, designed for those with small music collections, and features a single low noise USB output with 2TB of storage. Control is via the superb Composer iPad app. All Aurender servers now integrate CD quality streaming from TIDAL. $2699.


ATC make world class, highly neutral speakers with exceptional resolution and dynamic capabilities. You have to hear them!

  • ATC_SCM7_211-2


    Come hear the speaker that beat the highly regarded KEF LS50 to best-in-class in a recent Hi-Fi Choice test. The SCM11v3 is a mini-monitor that fits nicely on a desk. A perfect partner for the NAD D7050 direct digital amplifier. $1749.

  • ATC_SCM11_211


    The SCM11v2 is a great speaker but is perhaps a little overshadowed in the ATC Passive Series by the awesomeness of the SCM19 and SCM40. Still, if you are looking for a small standmount I can think of nothing better sounding and more musically satisfying at this price point. $2599.

  • ATC_SCM19_211


    Wow. Does it really only cost $4299? Yes, that was our reaction too when we first heard the SCM19v2. Shocking resolution, neutrality and coherence that beats out speakers at many multiples the price. Absolute Sound and Stereophile 2014 product of the year.

  • ATC_SCM11_211


    The lowest price ATC using their famous dome midrange and the lowest price floorstander in their range. Again, a superb speaker that competes with other manufacturers products at double the price. Not quite “super-resolution” like the SCM19v2 but has significantly better bass extension and output. $6999.


Devialet’s line of integrated amplifiers have superb sonics coupled with sophisticated DSP, providing functions like speaker correction and subwoofer crossover.

  • devialet-expert-le-120WO

    Le 120 w’ pre-out

    The 120 cuts out some of the power of the 200 and the phono input but retains the glorious sound quality, class leading transparency and iron fisted woofer control. Ours has the optional $595 pre-out board installed to provide a sub crossover. $7090.

  • devialet-expert-le-200WO

    Le 200

    The 200 is the mainstay of the Expert line, with 200W into 6 ohms and phono input with Record Active Matching (configurable EQ curves and cartridge loading). The 200 also comes as standard with the pre-out card, providing a sub crossover with configurable frequency, slope and delays. $9495.

  • devialet-expert-le-400WO

    Le 400

    The 400 is essentially two 200 units, configured as Left / Right monoblocks. Power output doubles and distortion decreases by a factor of four compared to the 200. Simply world class, reference level performance with a reasonable price tag. $17495.

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DEQX offers speaker / room correction processors with digital crossover and full pre-amp functionality.


PreMATEThe PreMATE, like all other DEQX processors, is a digital pre-amp that offers speaker / room correction and digital crossover functionality. We think the PreMATE is the sweet spot in the lineup for most people. $4995.


JL Audio have a range of subwoofers to suit nearly all budgets and performance aspirations.

  • JL_Audio_D108_211


    The Dominion series is JL’s entry level home subwoofer line. Despite the low-ish costs the JL DNA is apparent in the driver, amplifier and cabinet construction. We have the D108, the 8″ sub, on demo. $799.

  • JL_Audio_E112_211


    JL’s E Sub offers super-sub performance in a compact package. It’s available in gloss white as well as the more traditional black ash and gloss black finishes. A useful feature is the onboard high grade analog crossover to high pass your main speakers. We have their 12″ model, the E112, on display. $1899.

  • F110 V2

    The Fathom series was perhaps the most universally acclaimed audio subwoofer in existence. Freshly upgraded for 2015 with a new electronics platform providing even greater output and a much more sophisticated 15 band auto-EQ system. We have the F110v2 on display. $2800.

  • CR1

    The CR1 is a analog active crossover that lets you perfectly integrate subs with your speakers. It features RCA and XLR inputs and outputs as well as a LFE input for integration into a home theater system. $3000.


NAD are digital audio innovators, offering many category blurring and technologically unique solutions. Bluesound, a NAD subsidiary, offer Sonos-like products with superior sound quality.

  • NAD_M12_211


    NAD’s new M12 packages a full function digital pre-amplifier with sub crossover into a nice looking chassis with a touch screen and iOS app control. Our unit has the optional BluOS card installed which turns it into a fully functioning music streamer that integrates with the Bluesound whole house audio ecosystem. $3499.

  • M22

    The M22 power amplifier combines NAD expertise with Hypex N-Core technology. This Class D amp puts out nearly 300W into 8 ohms and has a mid band distortion of 0.0004%! If you like a clean and crisp presentation with massive resolution this is the amp for you. $2999.

  • Bluesound Node

    Looking for a Sonos-like streamer that will do hi-resolution music? The Bluesound Node is the answer. It simply sounds better than the Sonos and in our opinion the iOS app is better. $449.

  • Bluesound_PowerNode_211

    Bluesound Vault

    The Vault is a unique product that integrates a Bluesound Node with a CD ripper and internal 2TB hard drive. If you are looking for a low cost, all in one music server then this is the answer. $999.


Torus Power design and manufacture a range of torodial isolation transformers in Canada.

RM15Every audio system benefits from clean power. Inserting the RM15 instantly improves bass and soundstaging. It’s easy to hear and definitely not audiophile voodoo (we don’t go for that stuff anyway!). $2195.


Wireworld’s reference point when designing cables is the sound of a direct connection. Their lineup has a consistent and neutral sonic character that increases in resolution and gets closer to the “no cable” ideal as you step up their line.

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