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Power and grounding for high performance AV systems: A Primer

The diagram below presents the Acoustic Frontiers approach for thinking about power and grounding as it relates to the high performance audiovisual systems found in our audiophile listening rooms and home theaters. The utility power enters through a service panel. The utility power comes in single or three phase variants. Most residences are supplied with […]

Power and Grounding: The Acoustic Frontiers Approach

We recently spent some serious research & development time developing what could be called the Acoustic Frontiers approach to power and grounding for audio, home theater and studios.

Here are some of the juicy topics covered on our power pages:

  • Why should you care about how your system is powered and grounded?
  • What is the anatomy of the power and grounding system feeding your AV gear?
  • Do you know that there are 8 power and grounding issues that can affect the performance and lifespan of your AV system?
  • What are the causes and cures of 60Hz hum and powerline harmonic buzzing?
  • Why are 99% of all (Metal Oxide Varistors) no good for AV equipment?
  • Why do you need a UPS for your projector?
  • What is the concept of whole room power conditioning?

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