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What is whole room power conditioning?

Whole room power conditioning is a term we invented to refer to the use of a single conditioner to supply power to a number of dedicated electrical circuits feeding a single room.  The length of the dedicated circuits should be kept as short as possible to maximize the ability of the connected system to draw […]

What is over / under voltage protection?

Power conditioners with this feature can turn off their outputs and hence connected equipment in the event of a potentially damaging and prolonged under or over voltage condition. Turn off points vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but could be generalized as below 90V or above 140V. Torus Power‘s AVR and AVR2 models and selected SurgeX […]

What is voltage regulation?

A power conditioner with voltage regulation keeps its output at a fixed voltage of 120V for a range of input voltage conditions. There is normally a minimum and maximum voltage within which the regulator can maintain a constant output voltage. These limits vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but 90-140V could be considered a general range. […]

What is a power regenerator?

Regenerators are conceptually very similar to online UPS systems except that there is no battery. They are basically amplifiers designed to output 120V at 60Hz . Done right, with a low distortion sine wave inverter, power regenerators offer protection for all power quality issues except interruptions and the high degree of isolation between input and […]

How should I choose a UPS?

The major considerations are: How much power does the UPS need to supply? In the event of a power outage the only devices you really need to keep on battery power are pieces of sensitive equipment such as projectors, computers and the like. To size the UPS add up the power consumption, in watts, of […]

Why should my projector be on a UPS?

CEDIAs (Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association) Home Theater Video Design bulletin (CEA/CEDIA-CEB23) states that: “an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is strongly recommended for proper shut down and cooling of the projector and lamp in the event of a power failure”. Without a UPS the projector lamp and electronics can overheat leading to failure and […]

Which devices should be on a UPS?

All devices with spinning hard drives – computers, music servers, home automation systems, etc should be on a UPS. Power outages can cause the hard drive head to ‘crash’ onto the platter and damage the disk. If you use a digital audio workstation (DAW), a UPS will allow you to save your work and shut […]

What is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)?

A UPS is a device that provides battery power to connected electronics in the event of a power outage. There are three different types of UPS systems: standby, line interactive and online ‘dual conversion’. Pros: UPS systems are the only solution that can protect your projector  or hard drive equipped electronics in the event of […]

What is an isolation transformer?

Isolation transformers are oversized, specially designed versions of the transformers found in linear power supplies. They are called isolation transformers because there is no direct electrical connection through an isolation transformer (excepting safety ground). Incoming electrical energy is converted to magnetic energy and then back to electrical energy. Well designed isolation transformers have a large […]

What is a passive power conditioner?

A passive device is anything that doesn’t contain any powered electronic circuitry. Examples of passive devices include isolation transformers, surge protectors and resistor-inductor-capacitor (RLC) type conditioners. Power re-generators and UPS systems are active devices. Resistor-inductor-capacitor (RLC) devices represent the vast majority of ‘audiophile’ power conditioners on the market. The simplest devices forgo any resistors or […]