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Acoustic Frontiers at California Audio Show 2015

Acoustic Frontiers will be exhibiting in conjunction with Lone Mountain Audio, the US ATC importer, at the California Audio Show (CAS). As an incentive for visiting our room we are giving away a pair of ATC SCM7v3 monitors, a $1749 value! CAS dates are 14th, 15th and 16th August 2015 at the Westin SFO. Tickets are […]

Understanding small room reverberation time measurements

This article explains how to interpret T60 and other variants of mid and high frequency decay / reverberation time measurements in the context of small rooms like home theaters, listening rooms and recording studios. Note that a lot of things written about T60, both online and in text books, are written in respect to acoustically […]

Room Acoustic Measurements 101

This article is intended to provide an overview of room acoustic measurements and how they are used to evaluate the extent to which your room is causing acoustic distortions that are degrading your sound quality. The key questions answered are: What are the key room acoustic measurements? What different room acoustic measurement tools are there? […]

What is Speaker Boundary Interference?

Speaker boundary interference response (SBIR for short) is a little known and poorly understood issue that is responsible for deep dips or “suckouts” in bass response below the transition frequency. SBIR is caused by the destructive interaction of the direct sound wave from the speaker and the reflected, indirect sound wave from a nearby boundary. […]

A Home Theater Acoustic Treatment Layout in North Carolina

Client Profile Mr. Gilman is a home theater enthusiast from North Carolina. Project Overview The project scope involved a complete overhaul of Mr. Gilman’s previous home theater including: Revising the layout Raising the ceiling Building new soffits to hide ductwork Building a new riser New equipment, including an acoustically transparent screen, ‘proper’ home theater speakers […]