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What is series mode surge protection?

Series mode surge protectors use a large, carefully designed inductor in the hot or live circuit and other circuitry to roll off high frequency / high rate of change transients. The technology was developed and patented by Jack Hartford of ZeroSurge and is licensed by a small number of other companies who know what they […]

What shunt mode surge protection?

Shunt mode surge protectors are typically based on circuits that contain metal oxide varistor (MOVs) which, under normal operating voltages, act as an open circuit and allow no current to flow through them. The MOVs will start to conduct should the voltage level rise above the clamping voltage of the MOVs (i.e. a surge condition), […]

What is a whole house surge protector?

A whole house surge protector is a device connected at your service panel that provides protection from ‘big’ surges such as lightning strikes. Most residential houses are supplied with two 120V legs and so a whole house surge suppressor designed for such an installation would typically have ‘four mode’ protection: live 1-neutral, live 1-ground, live […]

What is a surge protector?

Simply put, a surge protective device (SPD) is a device designed to protect against damaging and dangerous short, high voltage transients that are created by devices outside or inside the home or studio. There are many different protection mechanisms that are used in surge protectors. The principal ones being voltage breakdown (e.g. gas discharge, voltage […]

THX baffle walls – design, build and benefits

What is a THX baffle wall and why do I want one in my home theater?! This article explains what a baffle wall is, covers the acoustic and audio benefits and finally provides tips on how to design and build them. A baffle wall is essentially a false wall into which the screen speakers (i.e. […]

Seymour AV / Seymour Screen Excellence Projection Screens

Why do we use Seymour AV and Seymour Screen Excellence? Simple. We believe they are the best acoustically transparent screens available. Two superb acoustically transparent materials No moire No corrective EQ required Models to meet every need including motorized retractable and masking Innovative low cost manual masking panels available Manufactured in the USA or Europe […]