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How to replace your home theater pre-pro with a HTPC!

The concept In a previous blog article – deconstructing the home theater pre-processor – we introduced the idea of replacing the pre-pro with a home theater PC (HTPC). This post provides the meaty details of how we did exactly that!   Overview of the system Our media server HTPC build is based on the CAPS […]

Procella Audio speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers

“The World’s Finest Home Cinema Loudspeakers.”— Procella Audio’s tagline Why do we use Procella Audio speakers? Procella Audio is a relatively new company onto the high performance home theater scene. Founded by two ex-DTS engineers their products utilize technologies designed to be able to reproduce the dynamic range, detail and transients in high resolution audio […]

Parasound Halo amplifiers – A21, A31, A51, A23, A52

“When it comes to high-performance, high-value power amplifiers, few do it better than Parasound.”— Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review   Why do we use Parasound Amplifiers? Superb sound quality thanks to the design skills of the legendary audio designer John Curl and the use of balanced, high bias class A/AB topologies. There have been a […]

Deconstructing the home theater pre-processor

Ahhh….the home theater pre-pro….my thoughts on them are basically
summarized by the phase “can’t live with them, can’t live without them”!
Modern pre-pros are the brain of all modern home theaters. An AVR
(audio video receiver) is essentially a pre-pro and multi-channel power
amplifier in one box. Pre-pro’s do a number of essential things without
which it would be virtually impossible to watch movies in surround