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The best new home theater gear and demos at CEDIA EXPO 2016

We attended CEDIA EXPO 2016 in Dallas, TX. EXPO is an industry tradeshow for the home electronics industry, which covers everything from home automation through networking to home theater and distributed audio. This blog post reveals some of the cool things that caught our eye (and ear) this year! Electronics ATI showed their new N-Core […]

Devialet Subwoofer Crossover

At Acoustic Frontiers we recommend that a two channel system always include subwoofers. Not only can you solve many room mode related acoustic challenges using subwoofers, but just handing off the bass from your main speakers to subs has other sonic benefits such as reducing distortion and increasing low frequency extension. The challenge then becomes HOW to […]

Integrating Dual Subwoofers with Single Driver Horn Loaded Speakers

Customer Profile Cesar Rubio is a San Francisco Architectural photographer and keen audiophile. His tastes in components lean towards vinyl, valves and single driver or horn speakers. His high end audio system is installed in his living room which he also uses for entertaining. Project Overview This particular engagement involved integrating two JL Audio F112 […]

What is a high end stereo system?

A high end stereo system is something magical. Properly done, a high end audio system will transform how you listen to music and give you immense satisfaction for years to come. A high end stereo system is more than the sum of its parts. Stereo systems, unlike home theaters, have only a few pieces. Each one […]

High End Stereo Speakers 101: How to Shop for Them

You found this blog article, but who are you? This article is targeted at people who are thinking about getting a high end audio system, not really those who already have one. But even if you do have one, you might learn something, so feel free to read on. Anyhow, let’s begin! So, you are […]

Seymour AV / Seymour Screen Excellence Projection Screens

Why do we use Seymour AV and Seymour Screen Excellence? Simple. We believe they are the best acoustically transparent screens available. Two superb acoustically transparent materials No moire No corrective EQ required Models to meet every need including motorized retractable and masking Innovative low cost manual masking panels available Manufactured in the USA or Europe […]

Procella Audio speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers

“The World’s Finest Home Cinema Loudspeakers.”— Procella Audio’s tagline Why do we use Procella Audio speakers? Procella Audio is a relatively new company onto the high performance home theater scene. Founded by two ex-DTS engineers their products utilize technologies designed to be able to reproduce the dynamic range, detail and transients in high resolution audio […]