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New York Dream Home Theater

Read this case study to learn more about the New York Dream Home Theater project we did for Lon G! Client Profile Lon G is a lifelong home theater enthusiast who lives in New York state. AVS Forum build thread is “My Dream Theater – Dream Team“. New York Dream Home Theater Project Overview Lon G […]

AVS Forum Home Theater Projects

Here’s the list of all the AVS Forum home theater projects we have helped design (in no particular order…last update 07/08/21): Mike’s SBA / Trinnov (an AVS HT of the Month) Savoy (an AVS HT of the Month) Small Black Basement Theater My Dream Theater Hodor (an AVS HT of the Month) Creekside (an AVS HT of the […]

Family room home theater remodel for a Utah AV Enthusiast

Client Profile Let’s get the low down on the client for this family room home theater transformation project! A.R. lives in a small town near Salt Lake City, Utah and has a young family. He’s been an audio-video enthusiast his whole life. In particular, he’s passionate about bass and has competed in and won many car […]

Home Theater Design for an Australian Enthusiast

Client  Profile Mr. D’Cunha is a home theater enthusiast from Australia. Project Overview The client was building a new home in 2014 and already had a good set of equipment, but wanted expert home theater design assistance to create the high performance home theater of his dreams. Acoustic Frontiers Home Theater Design Solutions We provided […]

A High Performance, Budget Home Theater

Client Profile L.O. is a self professed ‘newbie’ with respect to high performance home theater. Project Overview The client contacted Acoustic Frontiers for assistance with a high performance, yet budget conscious, home theater he was installing in his new home. Acoustic Frontiers solutions for a Budget Home Theater L.O.’s budget was limited, and his performance aspirations modest. […]

A Basement Home Theater Design for an AV Enthusiast

Client Profile Mr. Sahni is an audio-video enthusiast from St. Louis, MO, and has been a member of the AVS Forum for over 10 years. Project Overview Mr. Sahni first approached Acoustic Frontiers in 2015 to provide a basement home theater design as part of a basement conversion he was planning. Fast forward to 2018, and Mr. […]

Fixing the bass in a San Francisco Home Recording Studio

03/16/19 update: Nowell used his home recording studio to produce the Black Rainbow Blues album by the band Rivelan! Client Profile Nowell Valeri is a musical composer, producer and performer based in San Francisco, CA who can be found online at Project Overview Nowell approached Acoustic Frontiers to assist with improving the acoustics of his […]

Cinema Design for an Assisted Living Facility

Read this case study to learn more about the real world implementation of our cinema design services! Client Profile Ben Daniels is the owner of The Willows of Marshalltown, an assisted living and memory care facility in Iowa that accommodates 60 residents. He’s an AV enthusiast, and had attended the grand opening of The Savoy home […]

Audiophile Listening Room Acoustics

Client Profile I.N. is a medical doctor in the Philadephia metro area. Project Profile The client approached Acoustic Frontiers to create a high performance listening room in the home he had just purchased. The initial plan was to remove the existing floor-to-ceiling cabinets at the front of the room and do a minor remodel in […]

Creating a Reference Class Basement Listening Room

Client Profile & Project Overview P.D. is President of a precision manufacturing company in Ilinois. The client was undertaking a basement remodel and desired to create the best possible basement listening room for his reference class electronics and speakers. Equipment included: Raidho D3 version II speakers, MSB Reference DAC and Solution 721 pre-amp with 501 monoblocks. The 15′ x 23’3″ […]