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Speaker off axis response: forward firing cone / dome speakers

This blog article is the third in a series on speaker directivity and off axis response. Previous articles in the series established the psychoacoustic as well as subjective importance of speaker off axis response and looked at different ways to measure speaker directivity.  Today we will look at the directivity characteristics of forward firing cone / […]

Five reasons to love DEQX’s new PreMATE processor

The PreMATE is DEQX’s newest speaker / room correction processor and digital crossover. It offers: Speaker correction – measure and correct the frequency response, group delay and phase anomalies of your loudspeakers using DEQX’s unique linear phase filters Room correction – measure your room and implement up to 10 bands of real time controllable digital […]

Acoustic Frontiers White Papers and Articles

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”— Albert Einstein   We at Acoustic Frontiers do not stop at “the basic” industry certifications and qualifications. In acoustics in particular we continue to drive industry thought leadership as demonstrated by the articles and white papers we publish. Acoustical Measurement Standards for Stereo Listening Rooms […]

Building the Acoustic Frontiers Demo Room – Part III: Paint, Star Ceiling, Lights and Carpet

It’s been quite a while since the last blog update on the Acoustic Frontiers Demo Room. However I am happy to say that there has been a lot of progress, although the room is still not finished! The room is already ‘up and running’ in the sense that it can be used for music and movies but there are still some areas we are working on and a couple of key items that still need to be installed. Today I am going to give a update on the interior decoration and fit out of the room.