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Understanding small room reverberation time measurements

This article explains how to interpret T60 and other variants of mid and high frequency decay / reverberation time measurements in the context of small rooms like home theaters, listening rooms and recording studios. Note that a lot of things written about T60, both online and in text books, are written in respect to acoustically [...]

Room Acoustic Measurements 101

This article is intended to provide an overview of room acoustic measurements and how they are used to evaluate the extent to which your room is causing acoustic distortions that are degrading your sound quality. The key questions answered are: What are the key room acoustic measurements? What different room acoustic measurement tools are there? [...]

Room Acoustic Design Insights: Five Steps to Amazing Bass

Here at Acoustic Frontiers we use these five acoustic design techniques to create amazing bass. Bass that is tight, articulate, defined, impactful and even. Most people have not heard just how good bass can be when the room is taken out of the equation. Optimize the room dimensions For new build dedicated listening rooms, home [...]

What is Speaker Boundary Interference?

Speaker boundary interference response (SBIR for short) is a little known and poorly understood issue that is responsible for deep dips or “suckouts” in bass response below the transition frequency. SBIR is caused by the destructive interaction of the direct sound wave from the speaker and the reflected, indirect sound wave from a nearby boundary. [...]

Integrating Dual Subwoofers with Single Driver Horn Loaded Speakers

Customer Profile Cesar Rubio is a San Francisco Architectural photographer and keen audiophile. His tastes in components lean towards vinyl, valves and single driver or horn speakers. His high end audio system is installed in his living room which he also uses for entertaining. Project Overview This particular engagement involved integrating two JL Audio F112 [...]

Helping Venhaus Audio Improve His Room Acoustics

Customer Profile The client, Chris Venhaus, is owner and operator of VH Audio. He has quite a bit of experience with acoustic measurements and had made an effort to acoustically treat his room. However he wanted to get an expert “second opinion” on his acoustic measurements and what further opportunities for improvement there might be. [...]

Room Modes 101

What are room modes and how do they impact sound quality? Some unavoidable facts: ALL rooms have naturally occurring resonance frequencies called room modes or standing waves. If you read around the web you’ll find some more esoteric terms like¬†eigentones or eigenmodes. I quite like calling them modal resonances. Room modes are the main cause [...]

How to Buy the Right Acoustic Panels: Part 1

How do you buy the right acoustic panels? This blog article is part of a mini-series that should give you a good overview on how to buy the right acoustic panels for your home theater, home recording studio or listening room. I say partially because acoustics is a very complex topic, and as you read [...]