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What's New Our new “lab” is up and running. FKA (Formerly Known As) The Showroom, we felt lab was a better term, because it’s in a constant state of flux and experimentation with new gear, calibration techniques and acoustic treatments. The lab currently features the awesome new JBL Synthesis SCL-3 and SCL-4 in-wall speakers. These […]


What's New This month we’ve been working on four home theater projects for clients – three in California and one in Canada. We also traveled to client sites in Maryland and California to perform system calibrations. One of our clients from Kansas City sent us this photo of his room in build. He affectionately called […]

What’s Happening Acoustic Frontiers? June ’17 Update.

What's New This month we wrapped up design for a client building his dream media room in Arizona. This 20′ wide x 36′ long x 12′ high space will house top-of-the-line Dynaudio Evidence Master loudspeakers together with top flight Dynaudio amplification and Meridian electronics. We worked with the client and his architect to specify a […]

What’s Happening Acoustic Frontiers? May ’17 Update.

Hi Everyone, here’s May’s newsletter for your enjoyment! What’s New It’s been a very busy 2017 so far! What’s kept us busy? Helping audiophiles with their room acoustics, designing home theaters for enthusiasts and figuring out what equipment to put in the new Acoustic Frontiers “Lab”. One of our focus areas going forward is the […]

A San Francisco Home Theater Transformation!

How did Acoustic Frontiers transform a basic surround sound system into a high performance home theater for a client in San Francisco? Read this case study to find out! Client Profile S.G. works in the Tech industry in San Francisco. Project Overview S.G. recently moved into a home in San Francisco, CA which had a […]

AVS Forum Home Theater Projects

Here’s the list of all the AVS Forum home theater projects we have helped design (in no particular order…last update 12/23/16): Plains 60k Theater Hodor (an AVS HT of the Month) Beast Unleashed Savoy (an AVS HT of the Month) Roll in Reels Creekside Mike’s SBA / Trinnov Bear Canyon Bunker Ten Dollar Banana Garcia St […]

Roon ready DEQX wows Sterephile editor JA at RMAF!

“Alan (Langford, of DEQX) let me A/B three options: the original passive speaker; the speaker with the digitally implemented crossover with DSP correction of the individual drive-unit aberrations; and the whole megillah, with digital crossover, DSP driver correction, and DSP room acoustic correction. The uncorrected passive speakers sounded okay. The digital-crossover version lost a slight hooty coloration, and the completely corrected version sounded as though it had an extra half-octave of bass extension and more width and depth to a better-defined soundstage. Color me impressed.”

The best new home theater gear and demos at CEDIA EXPO 2016

We attended CEDIA EXPO 2016 in Dallas, TX. EXPO is an industry tradeshow for the home electronics industry, which covers everything from home automation through networking to home theater and distributed audio. This blog post reveals some of the cool things that caught our eye (and ear) this year! Electronics ATI showed their new N-Core […]

Our thoughts on Triad Speakers’ “7 things you must know when designing an Atmos system”

Triad’s View Triad Speakers have put together a set of “new rules” for the design of Dolby Atmos Home Theater systems: Position ALL Listener Level speakers with their acoustic centers (tweeters) below the wall’s mid-point*. Reserve the upper half of the room for height effects. Use only speakers that can focus an image with accurate panning: […]