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Five reasons to love DEQX’s new PreMATE processor

The PreMATE is DEQX’s newest speaker / room correction processor and digital crossover. It offers: Speaker correction – measure and correct the frequency response, group delay and phase anomalies of your loudspeakers using DEQX’s unique linear phase filters Room correction – measure your room and implement up to 10 bands of real time controllable digital […]

How to replace your home theater pre-pro with a HTPC!

The concept In a previous blog article – deconstructing the home theater pre-processor – we introduced the idea of replacing the pre-pro with a home theater PC (HTPC). This post provides the meaty details of how we did exactly that!   Overview of the system Our media server HTPC build is based on the CAPS […]

What size power conditioner do I need?

To size a power conditioner note the following: UPS systems are sized according to the maximum amount of power, measured in Watts (W), that they can support. All other power conditioners are sized according to the maximum continuous amount of current, measured in Amps (A), that they can supply. The simplest way to determine the […]

Power and grounding for high performance AV systems: A Primer

The diagram below presents the Acoustic Frontiers approach for thinking about power and grounding as it relates to the high performance audiovisual systems found in our audiophile listening rooms and home theaters. The utility power enters through a service panel. The utility power comes in single or three phase variants. Most residences are supplied with […]