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Ten Speaker Layout Tips for Dolby Atmos, DTS.X & Auro

Dolby Atmos has been a big thing with our client base. Since the format was announced >80% of our theaters have been designed to support Atmos and other next-generation audio formats such as DTS.X and Auro. Here are some of our learnings and recommendations based on these experiences: Ensure there is a clear line of sight […]

Early Reflections 101

One of the most common “generic” acoustic treatment recommendations is to treat the reflection points. Unfortunately properly managing early reflected sounds is actually very complex psychoacoustically. Blindly treating reflection points with the wrong kind of products can make your sound worse. For a high performance high-end audio listening room, home recording studio or home theater […]

Ten articles on subwoofers you probably haven’t read

Here are ten great articles on subwoofers that you may not have read. These articles cover a whole range of subjects, from the acoustic benefits of multiple subs to the use of equalization to improve your bass. Enjoy! From Acoustic Frontiers: Subwoofer Setup 101: Subwoofer Crossover Frequency, Slope and Phase for Two Channel Systems Using […]

Acoustic Frontiers at California Audio Show 2015

Acoustic Frontiers will be exhibiting in conjunction with Lone Mountain Audio, the US ATC importer, at the California Audio Show (CAS). As an incentive for visiting our room we are giving away a pair of ATC SCM7v3 monitors, a $1749 value! CAS dates are 14th, 15th and 16th August 2015 at the Westin SFO. Tickets are […]

Understanding small room reverberation time measurements

This article explains how to interpret T60 and other variants of mid and high frequency decay / reverberation time measurements in the context of small rooms like home theaters, listening rooms and recording studios. Note that a lot of things written about T60, both online and in text books, are written in respect to acoustically […]