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Creating a High Performance Media Room in a Modern Home

Client Profile Dr. Rosenbaum is a medical doctor who works in San Francisco and lives in Marin. His partner, Barbara Shands, is an architect whose company is called Shands Studio. They have two young children and a very friendly mini Golden Retriever. Project Overview The couple were building their dream home in San Anselmo, Marin, and […]

Adding a Home Theater Riser to an Enthusiast’s Room

Client Profile Mr. Ang was one of the first enthusiasts who Acoustic Frontiers designed and created a home theater for. A case study on his project can be found here: AN ENTHUSIAST’S FIRST DEDICATED HOME THEATER ROOM. Project Overview Creating a home theater riser and installing “proper” home theater recliners has been high on Mr. Ang’s list for […]

Bass Guide Discussion

This post is where you can post questions that may have arisen from reading our Bass Optimization eBook! Please use the “add a comment” function below to ask your question. Haven’t downloaded our Bass Optimization eBook yet? You should! It’s packed with information about how to optimize your bass. The guide covers the room, equipment, […]

Room acoustic issues 101

The characteristic acoustic regions of rooms Different parts of the frequency spectrum have different room acoustic issues or distortions. Acoustic distortions can be defined as sound quality degrading issues introduced by the interaction of a sound source such as a speaker and the acoustic environment it is placed in. At Acoustic Frontiers we believe there are three […]

Home Theater Design & Calibration for a NC, USA client

Client Profile Mr. Parvathaneni is a computer executive with a young family from North Carolina. Project Overview Mr. Parvathaneni came to Acoustic Frontiers mid-way into his home theater build. The home theater was in an existing basement and had already been sheetrocked and wiring run. The client had a preliminary layout and finished aesthetic in mind as well as […]