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Five reasons to love DEQX’s new PreMATE processor

The PreMATE is DEQX’s newest speaker / room correction processor and digital crossover. It offers:

  1. Speaker correction – measure and correct the frequency response, group delay and phase anomalies of your loudspeakers using DEQX’s unique linear phase filters
  2. Room correction – measure your room and implement up to 10 bands of real time controllable digital parametric EQ with selectable frequency, bandwidth and gain
  3. Digital crossover – use the crossover functionality to add subwoofer(s) to your existing speakers with selectable crossover filter types, slopes, time delay and level gain/cut
  4. Recording equalization – implement up to 3 bands of real time EQ using the remote control
  5. Digital pre-amplifier – with 4 digital and 2 analog inputs as well as volume control, all accessible via the remote control, DEQX can act as a full function pre-amplifier and directly connect to your power amps

The PreMATE is intended to replace a user’s pre-amplifier and therefore has multiple analog and digital inputs, volume control and input switching capabilities. It provides speaker correction for main speakers and crossover for one or two subs.  Outputs are on unbalanced RCA or balanced XLR and it also provides a digital output, on BNC, so that you can optionally use a reference class two channel DAC for your main speakers.

The DEQX PreMATE is available now from our ecommerce store with both black and silver front panels. We offer free shipping worldwide and an hour of complimentary implementation support. We always keep a DEQX demo unit on hand and if you are in the US we would be happy to loan this to you for evaluation. For any questions or to discuss the DEQX PreMATE please contact us!

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