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Why should my projector be on a UPS?

CEDIAs (Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association) Home Theater Video Design bulletin (CEA/CEDIA-CEB23) states that:

“an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is strongly recommended for proper shut down and cooling of the projector and lamp in the event of a power failure”.

Without a UPS the projector lamp and electronics can overheat leading to failure and shortened lifespan.
When a projector is shut down normally it will not turn immediately off. It goes first into a ‘cool down mode’ where the image is turned off but the fan continues on to cool the lamp in a controlled manner. The cool down process is there to protect the lamp as well as the  surrounding electronics. Projector lamps operate at many thousands  of degrees Fahrenheit and without a fan the lamp can sometimes cool unevenly causing the glass to stress fracture. More often the lamp temperature will increase beyond its safe temperature window significantly shortening lamp life. Without a fan to cool things down the surrounding electronics will also be subject to excessive heating, which can shorten equipment lifespan – the rule of thumb is that for every 10 degrees over 80 degrees Fahrenheit electronics life is  reduced by half.

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