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What is a dedicated line?

A dedicated line is an electrical circuit used solely for the purpose of supplying power to an audio or video system. No non-AV equipment should be connected to a dedicated line. The line runs back to the main service panel or a sub panel. A single high performance room may be fed by a number of electrical circuits, some dedicated lines supplying AV equipment and other non-dedicated lines shared with other parts of the home supplying lighting and other loads.

Our recommendations for dedicated power lines:

  • Go for a 20A rather than 15A line
  • Use high gauge wire – preferably 10awg – to minimize impedance and maximize the ability of connected equipment to draw the instantaneous current they require
  • Minimize the length of wire between the outlet and the service panel for the same reasons as above
  • Use high quality 20A specification or medical grade outlets to minimize contact resistance and added noise
  • Ensure all lines are on same electrical 120V leg to minimize cross leg current flows

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