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04/01/2019 Newsletter

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Take a virtual tour of one of our completed theaters!

Ben Daniels is the owner of The Willows of Marshalltown, an assisted living and memory care facility in Iowa that accommodates 60 residents. Ben, an AV enthusiast, contacted us for our cinema design services. He wanted to create a dedicated cinema space that the residents could enjoy, as well as a space that would work to deliver employee training sessions. You can read more about the design process here. To take a virtual tour of the completed theater, visit The Willows of Marshalltown website, here, and click on ‘Theater’ on the left hand column.
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Update from a music producer…

Nowell Valeri is an electronic music producer, composer, and performer from San Francisco. He recently produced his first album in his newly designed studio space. The biggest problem in his space was uneven bass. To read about how we addressed this issue visit our blog posting, here. To listen to the album, ‘Black Rainbow Blues’ by Rivelan, visit the bandcamp page here to stream the audio.
Sound diffuser

AVS Forum Home Theater Design.

We recently designed a 7.4.4 home theater for our client, Mr. Chari. The theater, like many, started its life as an unfinished basement. Mr. Chari consulted with us from the sound isolation design all the way to the acoustic treatment design. The theater is now completed and he is thrilled with the results. The space hints at a Roman theme with its built in columns and curved stage. One unique design feature of this theater is the custom slat diffusers on the side walls. They make for a visually interesting design where form and function are intertwined. You can read about the build process on the AVS Forum page here.

Cool stuff from around the web….
Crystal Screens - US made holographic projection screens
Meyer Sound Introduces M-Noise Test Signal for ‘Real World’ Loudspeaker SPL Measurements
“Meyer Sound has introduced M-Noise, a new test signal that will promote standardized measurement of a loudspeaker system’s maximum linear output…The mathematical formula for generating M-noise was derived following extensive spectral analysis of a wide variety of music program material.”
Home Audio – An Evolution Through Time
Twenty years before Edison’s Phonograph Cylinder was Martinville’s Phonautograph. This informative and visually stimulating timeline documents the evolution of home audio throughout history. Have a look through and see which of these devices you currently own or have owned in the past.
API: THE BOX 2 Summing Mixer and Recording Console
API has just announced The Box 2 which features 4 additional preamps (for a total of 8), removable 500 series slots throughout, and LED metering for each of the 24 summing channels. “API successfully debuted THE BOX Console over five years ago, and its highly desirable large console sound in a compact footprint has become a favorite choice of audio pros worldwide.”

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